JBOI Pre Made Premium Coils X 2

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JBOI COILS deliver an immaculate vaping experience. Each pre-built coil is crafted by hand, twisted to perfection then cleaned and inspected. The wire used is just as pristine. JBOI COILS are made with Twisted Messes and Anarchist wire — the most exemplary available. JBOI COILS supply a service and a product in one, built to perfection with the finest wire all at the most competitive price in the industry. Get more than a coil, get JBOI COILS.

Framed Staple

CORE: Six (6) pieces of vertically stacked .3mm Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Ribbon Wire
FRAMES: Two (2) pieces of 30g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 38g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

5 wraps – 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = 0.13Ω – 0.17Ω
Dual Coil = 0.07Ω – 0.09Ω


CORE: Three (3) pieces of 28g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 38g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

5 wraps – 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = 0.30Ω – 0.34Ω
Dual Coil = 0.15Ω – 0.17Ω

Alien For Single Coil Builds

CORE: Three (3) pieces of 28g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 36g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

4/5 wraps – 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = 0.28Ω – 0.32Ω

Alien Series

CORE: Three (3) pieces of 30g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire
CLAPTON: 38g Twisted Messes Nichrome 80 Wire

7 wraps – 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = 0.70Ω – 0.76Ω
Dual Coil = 0.35Ω – 0.38Ω

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g

Framed Staple, Ni80 Alien, Alien For Single Builds, Alien Series, Fused Clapton

25 reviews for JBOI Pre Made Premium Coils X 2

  1. ompcook (verified owner)

    pretty good, though i tend to only use muji pads for scottish rolls so i couldnt say what this stuff is like when wicked normally. it can certainly hold alot of juice the way i use them. and considering how cheap it is its probably worth havng in your collection to compare against what you use and have your own opinion on it

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)


  3. Alexandra (verified owner)

    Great quality coton.

  4. Ahmed Elbarkouki (verified owner)

    Amazing coils and great flavour

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)


  6. Samuel Chambers (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure to order from SR vapes, always a very efficient and fast service would highly recommend

  7. Danny Thompson (verified owner)

    Was very good coils ????

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)


  9. Paul K. (verified owner)

    Fantastic coils and excellent service. Can’t fault SR Vapes

  10. Daniel (verified owner)

    Not used yet. However. Never showed up with the first lot of mail. This was quickly sorted out.

  11. Aristarchos K. (verified owner)

    Very good coils!

  12. Dan (verified owner)

    Perfect for single coil set ups

  13. Carl Roberts (verified owner)

    As always top coils! A must !

  14. Alex B. (verified owner)

    Great product great service quick delivery under the circumstances can’t fault

  15. Luke (verified owner)

    some of the best coils I’ve used love them definitely recommend

  16. Philipp (verified owner)

    Best price

  17. Chris Puhl (verified owner)

    Great single coils.

  18. Matthew Donnellan (verified owner)

    Good coils

  19. Simon G. (verified owner)

    Great coils

  20. danhermitage (verified owner)

    Loving these coils and as always brilliant service from Steve

  21. Joe (verified owner)

    Great coils shame jboi has called it a day, the discount on these was crazy!!

  22. Joe (verified owner)

    Underrated coils, shame he’s stopped making them,these are easily on par with all the other coil building instagram influences, for the price your getting handmade coils from the usa pick these up you won’t be disappointed!

  23. kirk stevens (verified owner)

    nice coils and would buy again thank you sr vapes

  24. Patrick (verified owner)

    Good coils and good value at the reduced price, very pleased. Excellent service as usual from Steve.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice coils.

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