La Tabaccheria Extra Dry 4Pod 20ml Long Shot


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Through the use of a much more aggressive variant of the extraction technique, and also through a variant of the selective purification technique, they have created a “White” product, i.e., a completely transparent product, which maintains and recovers three characteristics of their extracts: intensity in the inhalation, product body (greater than the one found in Extreme 4Pod – White) and a much greater persistence on the palate once the vape is exhaled. Thus, the product is characterised by a more analogue and drier taste, hence the name “Extra Dry 4Pod”.
These products are certainly much more aggressive than the Extreme 4Pod – White, having a charge mathematically equal to about three times theirs.
The Extra Dry 4Pod are therefore a parallel point of view, complementary to that of the Extreme 4Pod – White. The latter are therefore more docile, softer, more sweetish, and leave the mouth clean, whereas the Extra Dry are more aggressive, with a drier taste and infinitely greater persistence. So which is the best? It depends on the palate, but this is a new addition to the La Tabaccheria range of organic tobaccos to satisfy every taste in vaping!


London – A Latakia accompanied by a light and spicy tobacco accord, it recreates at its best what for us is a perfect old style English blend.

Intense, smoky and analogue, it will immediately bring you the taste, feel and smell of Victorian London.

Florence – Our take on a classic Italian blend, where Kentucky is the star player conducting the orchestra of all the other notes in a perfect symphony.

Robustness, complexity and smokiness are the immediately recognisable top notes, expertly accompanied by a light tobacco accord as heart and base notes.

New York

A modern and elaborate interpretation of the famous American blend, in an Extra Dry 4Pod version. Persistent, full-bodied and dry tasting.

A blend that leads directly to the memory of a perfectly analogue shredded tobacco, ideal for every stage of your day.



The Extra Dry 4Pod is a 60ml bottle with 20ml of concentrate included. To dilute this product we recommend the following examples.

  • Zero Nicotine: Add 4x 10ml Longfill Booster Shots 70VG-30PG
  • 3mg/ml: Add 3x 10ml Longfill Booster Shots 70VG-30PG and 1x 10ml Nicshot 18mg 70VG-30PG
  • 6mg/ml: Add 2x 10ml Longfill Booster Shots 70VG-30PG and 2x 10ml Nicshot 18mg 70VG-30PG
  • 9mg/ml: Add 1x 10ml Longfill Booster Shot 70VG-30PG and 3x 10ml Nicshot 18mg 70VG-30PG
  • 12mg/ml: Add 4x 10ml Nicshots 18mg 70VG-30PG


Nicotine Shots can be found here

Longfill Booster Shots can be found here


Additional information

Weight 10 g

London, Florence, New York


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