La Tabaccheria Tobacco Extract Concentrate 10ml

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  1. La Tabaccheria Extracts Line is a range of organic aromas (by “organic”, we mean of vegetable origins without any further addition of artificial aromas) of the main tobacco varieties, to be used individually or mixed, in order to recreate the desired blend. Our products are manufactured using advanced technologies and techniques that allow for a very high concentration and an immediate use; therefore no maturation is needed, as the aromatic bouquet is immediately well defined.

La Tabaccheria recommend a blend of between 5% and 10% Extract combined to make a 50/50 PG/VG mix depending on your individual taste, a 7% mix is a very good starting point as these flavours are incredibly strong.

To make life easy here is a example based on a 9mg strength E-liquid using our 70/30 Nic Shots which can be found HERE choosing the 70vg/30pg option


Ingredients to make 9mg 50/50 ml grams
Nicotine Shots (73/30 VG/PG)18mg 50.00 58.019
La Tabaccheria Extract @7%  7.00 7.266
PG 28.00 29.064
VG 15.00 18.900
Totals 100.00 113.249


To generate a mix of your own there is a simple e-liquid mixing calculator HERE


Available Flavours:

Burley – Burley tobacco is part of the Light “air-cured” class. It is used in many cigarette and pipe blends, since it is able to bind together and combine the various tastes of the tobaccos making up the blend. Our Burley tobacco extract ensures an extremely pleasant vaping experience and, even when used as an all-day, itʼs hard to get enough of it! Its taste is soft and delicate.

Black Cavendish – Black Cavendish, rather than being a tobacco variety, is actually an additional cure method applied to a blend of unmanufactured tobaccos. The most commonly used are Virginia and/or Burley varieties. This method consists in the “flavouring” of the tobacco or in subjecting it to a heavy pressure which brings out the natural sugars. The aromatic qualities of our Black Cavendish tobacco extract are perfectly balanced between slightly sweet and dry scents, to the point that it is almost impossible to precisely categorise its taste: we believe this is its greatest strength. Its taste is dry and aromatic.

Mata Fina – Mata Fina is the “prima donna” of cigar tobaccos; it is a premium tobacco produced in Bahia, in Brazil. It falls within the dark-air-cured class, it is subjected to a fermentation process which gives their leaves a very dark colour and strong aromatic scents. The Mata Fina we selected is a sun-grown-wrapper, a wrapper tobacco grown in the sun. Differently from shade-grown-wrappers, these are characterised by stronger aromas precisely because they are cultivated in the sun. In cigar manufacturing, wrapper is how the outermost leaf is defined, with binder being the sub-layer, and filler the innermost part.Our extract, part of our Elite line, will meet the tastes of those looking for a strong and at the same time delicate and sensual aroma that will elegantly accompany them all day long.

Virginia Tobacco – This variety begun being planted in America after the war of 1812 in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, despite arriving on the market only after 1839. Virginia is the worldʼs most widely cultivated tobacco variety; it belongs to the “flue-cured” class (cured with hot air). Virginia is prevalent in almost all the cigarette blends and in most of the pipe ones. Our Virginia tobacco extract ensures great vaping results at any time of the day. Its taste is soft and sweet.

Perique Tobacco – Perique is a type of tobacco native to the Saint James Parish, Louisiana, renowned for its strong aroma. When the Acadians made their way into this region in 1776, the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes were already cultivating this variety of tobacco. Perique is considered “the truffle of tobaccos”: it is the most expensive tobacco variety, due to its long and complex manufacturing and fermentation, and because it only grows in a small area south of New Orleans. It is used parsimoniously (up to 5%) in blends, as if it were a precious spice. Our Perique tobacco extract preserves all the unique characteristics of this extraordinary tobacco variety. Its taste is intense and fruity.

Il Sigaro Italiano – The definite sensation of a roll of tobacco in a “modern” guise, a concentrated extract for electronic cigarettes.
Without any doubt, we are on planet Kentucky, without any compromise.
The roughness of the tobacco is the protagonist: woody, smoky, stable, earthy. At every vape, it almost seems as if we are in a rural landscape, in the hills of Tuscany.
Its strong and distinct taste will be appreciated by those who love this tobacco.

Kentucky – Kentucky falls within the “fire-cured” tobacco class. Our Kentucky tobacco extract keeps the characteristics of these cigars intact. Its taste is strong and distinctive.


Product description: 

Tobacco extract. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute at 5-15% to flavour inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs), electronic cigars (E-Cigars) and electronic pipes (E-Pipes).


Propylene glycol USP/EP/E1520, Tobacco Extract.


Read the label before use. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute at 5-15% with a neutral basis for electronic cigarettes. This product does not require any post-dilution maturation. It may contain inevitable traces of nicotine resulting from the extraction process. Keep out of reach of children. IN CASE OF INGESTION: if you feel unwell, contact a POISONS INFORMATION CENTRE or a doctor. Dispose of the product/container in compliance with the national regulations. Store between 34°F and 104°F away from sunlight. Safety data sheet available upon request. The information and safety data sheets can be found on the website PRODUCTS INTENDED ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR END CONSUMERS. TOBACCO PRODUCTS SALES TO MINORS IS PROHIBITED.


Additional information

Weight 10 g

Burley, Black Cavendish, Mata Fina, Virginia, Perique, Il Sigaro, Kentucky

16 reviews for La Tabaccheria Tobacco Extract Concentrate 10ml

  1. andrew scott (verified owner)

    A really great tobacco ,one of my favourites .I mix it at 5% which seems to work just fine.

  2. william potts (verified owner)

    Excellent range of naturally extracted tobacco. So far I’ve tried Burley, Virginia and Il Sigaro Italiano and they have all been excellent. The Burley and Virginia are quite light and fresh tasting tobacco flavours perfect for an all day vape. The Sigaro Italiano is a much more complex and bolder flavour and is my favourite La Tabaccheria flavour so far. Glad that Steve has started stocking these as they were very difficult and expensive to get before. Would like to try the full range as the 3 I’ve tried are some of the best NET’s I’ve ever had.

  3. andrew scott (verified owner)

    A very nice range of tobacco eliquids ,just mix it and vape it.?

  4. Dominic Pelosi (verified owner)

    To be honest not tried the liquid yet.still steeping,but service from steve perfect as usaual

  5. William Potts (verified owner)

    Mata Fina and Black Cavendish, another two excellent concentrates from La Tabaccheria.

  6. Gary (verified owner)

    Finally a vape close to tobacco.

  7. Adrian (verified owner)


  8. Adrian (verified owner)


  9. William Potts (verified owner)

    Kentucky, another very good NET concentrate.

  10. Adrian (verified owner)


  11. Andrew Scott (verified owner)

    A really nice quality e-liquid and excellent value for money .???? ????????????

  12. andrew scott (verified owner)

    I really do enjoy this line of eliquid

  13. James Hepburn (verified owner)

    The best net liquid, mixed at 7%

  14. William P. (verified owner)

    Excellent eliquid concentrate.

  15. William (verified owner)

    My favourite NET concentrate.

  16. andrew scott (verified owner)

    A very good NET tobacco range .One of the best.

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